By using heat and pressure, the printed image is transferred onto the article. The image layer itself releases from the film and sticks to the article. This special process will allow you to transfer photo realistic images with resolutions up to 1200 dpi on to your article. It does not matter if your article is flat, cylindrical or tapered.


The printed film, wound into roll form, is inserted into the unwind unit of the transfer head and pulled forward to the heated transfer drum. The image position is photo-electrically controlled by close tolerance registration. The heated drum or plate along with the film is brought into contact with the article surface. Temperature, dwell time and contact pressure settings allow a complete release and transfer of the image layer onto the object surface. The blank film is rewound after transfer.


The electronically controlled color-to-color registration shows no visual tolerance.
The quality inspected multi-color image is transferred in a single step onto an article surface. The transfer machine is a single head, compact and easy to work with system. It does not require an operator to have special professional skills.

Digital Decorations is capable of producing the highest quality cosmetic decoration, consistently for every order. Our expertise  enables us to provide our customers with the most cost effective small and mid-sized print jobs.

The printed and applied image represents a green product. The process is free of heavy metals, solvents, volatiles or other hazardous functional ingredients. The toner colors are FDA approved. Decorated articles can easily be recycled due to the wax based, directly applied toner image.

The decoration of certain articles allows for pre-lacquering, post varnishing and special product marking, etc. The toner images will adhere equally well to preprinted or coated surfaces, it is also receptive to hot stamping.