Your images are printed on a release coated carrier film. It then gets longitudinally slit and wound into handy rolls. The rolls will be used in your heat transfer machine to apply digitally printed images.


The printed and applied image represents a green product. The process is free of heavy metals, solvents, volatiles or other hazardous functional ingredients.

Your Preferred Choice for Digital Heat Transfers

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The toner colors are FDA approved. Decorated articles can easily be recycled due to the wax based, directly applied toner image as opposed to self-adhesive coated labels which may not consist of the same basic material composition as the article.
The exact properties of the used toner colors can be found at

In short: It is a reliable "green" product which can be used without any restrictions!

The "Digitran" digital heat transfer process uses a multi-color printing press to produce detailed, full color, glossy images for the decoration of many kinds of materials and surfaces. Jobs go direct from computer to press. This eliminates the need for plate making, reduces costs and shortens turnaround time.